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  1. Olive Oil

    We are proud to produce a small quantity of this estate olive oil. It is an unusually expressive product produced from the very same terroir as our handcrafted Bouchard Finlayson estate wines. It is noteworthy that the South African olive oil industry has been born out of passion and enjoys a reputation for presenting highest quality 100% pure olive oil. Essentially three varieties have been selected for planting and contribution to this blend: • "Frantoio" which is the primary oil varietal used in Tuscany. • "Coratina" which originates from Puglia and contributes a notable peppery character to the oil. • "Mission" which originates from California and is by far the most popular variety in South Africa and has the advantage of being flexible in being both suitable for oil production and eating. This grove is established on rugged mountain soil, adjacent to our vineyards, located some 5km from the Indian Ocean which supports a typically mild Mediterranean climate.
  2. Blanc de Mer 2018

    With its Riesling pedigree and strong personality, Blanc de Mer (translated as ‘White of the Sea’) offers more than it portrays. This unusual blend from the Cape, where Riesling is virtually unknown as a blending partner, is named for our estate’s close proximity to the coastal town of Hermanus, where Southern Right whales come to calve from the end of winter until late spring.
  3. Hannibal 2017 - 750ml

    An Italian and French red blend of 39 % Sangiovese, 18 % Pinot Noir, 18 % Shiraz, 15 % Nebbiolo, 5 % Mourvédre and 5 % Barbera.
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3 Item(s)